Home Staging for Real Estate at the Lake of the Ozarks

If you are planning to sell your home, I can help you by bringing my “fresh eyes” to redesign it by using the perspective of the home buyer. I use my resourcefulness and creativity to transform your home into a home in w which the buyer can see themselves living.

Every home and every budget is unique but I believe you will be very pleased with what I am able to do with your furniture and decor, a few dollars, and a few days! This usually includes rearranging furniture, artwork, pillows, rugs for grounding a designated space and usually some plants or tasteful and simple floral arrangements. I create a feeling that says to the buyer, “Oh, I could live here”!

Redesign Services

Is your home saying what you’d like it to say? Does your home reflect who you are and what you love? Did the 90’s call and want its decor back?

Let me help you by bringing my fresh eyes to your greatest investment—your HOME!!!

I can help you no matter your desires or budget. Sometimes it’s a matter of displaying your beautiful things in a new and interesting way. Sometimes it’s a matter of editing out—or relocating—the things you love. Every home and every budget is unique so every design plan and cost is unique as well.

You just let me know what you love and must be used in the design plan. I add to that my resourcefulness, creativity, and get to work with your designated budget. You will be delighted at how the “feeling’’” or the language of your home changes. It “speaks” both to you when you enter after a busy day as well as when guests come in and feel welcome and comfortable! Their eyes will move all around seeing the textures, the color, and the interesting and fun art—your own art or my original custom art designed just for your space. Your home says “wow” and you and your guests say “ahh”.

“Looking for inspiration? Collette has never failed to amaze me in her ability to transform a plain house into a stunning home. After several years in the real estate business, I’ve shown many houses that buyers just can’t get excited about because the slate is too blank to imagine as a home. But Collette can transform an ordinary space into something amazing, inviting and full of character.

We’ve worked with Collette on everything from quaint city homes to large country houses. Each time her transformations have resulted in sales. I’ve even personally used her when I remodeled my new office location. Her insight saved me so much headache and worry, I simply felt relieved and on track with her help.

As a professional in the real estate business, I give her my highest recommendation based on her talent, hard work, and trustworthiness.”

Jackie Leonard

Real Estate Agent, Central Realty

Staging Services

  • Consultation
  • Full-Service Staging


Redesign Services

  • Color Consultation
  • Quick Restyling of a Room
  • Full-Service Redesign

“I would recommend that anyone that wants to achieve top dollar for their property consult with Colette Moore.  She is a Find!  Her ability to work with what the client already has in the home, adding some personal touches and “eye candy” to enhance the décor, and get that Feng Shui design for an overall warm feel is truly an art and a talent.  Colette told me once, “Jane, you know there is something not quite right.  You just don’t know what it is that isn’t right.  That’s my job”.  Let Colette help you – and me – meet your financial and timing goals.  Once she has touched your property, you are good as SOLD.”

Jane Kelly

Broker, Team Jane Kelly - Remax

“Martha and I want to sincerely thank you for the work you did for us in preparing our Lake of the Ozarks home for sale. I would recommend that anyone who is preparing to market a property contact you to get an objective third party evaluation of what might be done to enhance the sale.

In particular. the way you were able to repurpose the furniture and wall hangings gave the house a fresh new look. You have an almost endless variety of skills. All the way from painting interior walls, filling nail holes, to even cleaning the gutters. You gave the house such a fresh new look and added value well beyond the fees you charged for your services.

If, in the future, you would have someone who would like a reference, please do not hesitate to have them contact me. Thanks again.”

Jim Schroeder

Sifting & Screening Machines

“Everyone needs a Colette in their life! I’m not sure what I would have done without her during the transition of buying our new house and selling the old. Last summer, my husband and I found our dream house for sale. It was everything we were looking for so we decided to act fast and buy it, setting a closing date only 30 days away. The only problem was we still needed to sell our old house. Exciting as it was, I was immediately overwhelmed with the daunting task of packing, moving, cleaning and staging the old house to get ready to sell. Plus, organizing, decorating, and re-designing the new house and get moved in.

Enter Colette! Starting with the old house, she was able to help me edit what should stay and what should go for staging the house to sell. It is so incredibly helpful to get her professional and artistic eye on things. It was almost like un-decorating at this phase. It was a complete transformation, all while actually eliminating items and adding just a few finishing touches. She helped with the whole house, both inside & out. The house and yard looked so amazing, I almost didn’t want to leave! But, thanks to Colette’s help, the old house SOLD in the first week it was on market!

Moving in the new house was both exciting and overwhelming. It was a newer construction, so there weren’t any major rehab projects, it was just a blank slate. A BIG blank slate! I had already started shopping for furniture, thinking I was going to have to spend a fortune to fill this new space. And my ideas of decorating were all over the map. I didn’t even know what to call my style. Was I Rustic, was I Modern, was I Farmhouse, was I Art Deco?!?! I just had all these crazy ideas swimming in my head. Colette to the rescue! She actually listened to every single idea I had, added a few of her own and re-designed my new home life right before my eyes. Our house had become OUR HOME. She helped me get a cohesive and stylish look throughout the house. She has an incredible eye for color and texture and was able to help me bring it all together. She even talked me down from spending all that money on new furniture and convinced me that she could refinish and paint much of my old furniture and make it completely modern and relevant to the new space. Boy, was she right! Everything turned out absolutely amazing! And we didn’t spend a fortune!

What is really exceptional about Colette is her attention to the BIG PICTURE of your home life even after the initial rehab phase. She can come in a month later, two months later, 3 months later, even a year later, whatever suits you and see where you’re at. She might say, “OK, I see what you’ve done here and I like it! But I think you should incorporate this……..” Every little bit of advice she gives is always spot on. All the while, being super sweet and easy to work with, yet very decisive with an incredible work ethic.

If you need a true professional that can work within any budget and is knowledgeable about Redecorating, Furniture Refinishing, Staging, Space Design, Art, Storage Organization, Landscape Design, etc……Call Colette today! She can do it ALL! She is simply THE BEST!!!”

Amy Kolb

Vince Kolb Auto Sales