Home Redesign, Staging & Decorating at the Lake of the Ozarks

Hello, my name is Colette and it would be my pleasure to help you with your decorating needs.

Does the main living area of your home need a “facelift”? Are you tired of the same artwork on the same wall? Have your throw pillows seen better days? Do you have a room that isn’t functioning as it should? Is your master suite the sanctuary that you need at the end of your long day? Do you have corners filled with the fake greenery of a couple decades ago? Are you afraid to start because you can’t be sure you’d like it? I am here to help you!

“But Colette”, you say, “I can’t afford to redo my whole house”! I am here to say I can help you and yes you can afford it! I can make small, inexpensive, but creative and resourceful, changes that make a big impact. My degree is in accounting so I know how to stretch decorating dollars! Also, editing and organizing are not expensive but have a very calming effect in the room.

Call me today and schedule a consultation so we can get started creating a space that isn’t just a house—it’s a HOME!

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